Wedding - Nadya and Clive

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 |

Nadya and Clive are a fun loving and energetic couple. Their wedding day was constantly filled with fun and laughters, and lots of dancings, I really mean lots. From belly dancing to rock and roll, Nadya and Clive seemed to know and love them all.

Their wedding ceremony were held at a nice local open space park with a great bush setting. Nadya and Clive were surrounded by some of their closest and dearest friends. After the ceremony, it was all out party with lots of dancing and fun.

Here are some images Charlene and I took that day:

Nadya and Clive-The Princess Slippers

Nadya and Clive

Nadya and Clive-2

Nadya and Clive


Nadya and Clive-7

Nadya and Clive-Kisses

Nadya and Clive-8

Nadya and Clive-Rock and Roll

Nadya and Clive-The Wedding Rings that binds the two hearts



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