Event - Ducati StreetFighter Perth Launch Party

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 |

The official launch of the Ducati StreetFighter motorcycle was held last week at the Llama Bar in Subiaco. Fraser Motorcycles organised the party to a resounding success. We were hired as the official event photographer.

Here are some of the photos we took that night:

Ducati Launch Party-1 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-2

Ducati Launch Party-9

Ducati Launch Party-8 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-4 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-7 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati Launch Party-6 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-5 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-8 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-7 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-2 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-10 (by autumn_leaf)

Ducati StreetFighter-9 (by autumn_leaf)

For more information on Fraser Motorcycles or the Ducati bikes, you can visit their website at: http://www.frasermotorcycles.com.au/ducati/Perth.php.


charlene said...

Love that shot of that guy admiring the bike. Great catch that one.


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