Pre-Wedding: Laura & Elvis

Sunday, August 8, 2010 |

On a late afternoon a few days before Laura & El's wedding day in May, we took the couple to East Perth to do a pre-wedding session. With the sun setting against the cloudy sky, the ambient could not have been more romantic!

Laura & Elvis - Pre-Wedding - 01

Laura & Elvis - Pre-Wedding - 02

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-006

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-009
Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-010

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-011
Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-013

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-014
Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-015
Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-017
Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding-016

We will be putting up some photos of Laura & El's gorgeous wedding photos soon.

Laura & El, once again, congratulations to your matrimony. We had so much fun on the pre-wedding session and on your wedding day. You are absolutely fabulous!


Gavin Wyatt said...

I love the variety of East Perth for a photoshoot location. Nice shots mate!


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