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Saturday, October 9, 2010 |

It was just two months ago when Angela and Jason exchanged their vows in front of their families and the best of friends at the picturesque Milbrook Winery. The day was bright and cheerful, right in the middle of August. It was a beautiful winter morning when the wedding ceremony took place.

Angela and Jason were totally in love. With their two boys at their side and a third soon coming, the radiant bride brought many smiles on everyone's face, and naturally, Jason could not take his eyes off his beautiful and pregnant wife throughout the ceremony.

Angela&Jason's Wedding - Milbrook Winery
Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Ring and Kiss 2
Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Ring and Kiss
Angela&Jason's Wedding - Exchanging the ring
Angela&Jason's Wedding-Grandpa's red nose
Angela&Jason's Wedding- 1, 2, 3, Swing
Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Totally In Love
Angela&Jason's Wedding - picturesque location
Angela&Jason's Wedding-Kisses
Angela & Jason's Wedding
Angela&Jason's Wedding-012
Angela & Jason's Wedding - Happiness
Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Romance
Angela&Jason's Wedding - Kisses
Angela & Jason's Wedding - A quick kiss at the stairs
Angela&Jason's Wedding- The Wedding Cake

Angela and Jason, thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Thanks also to Charlene for assisting me that day.


Gavin Wyatt said...

Lucky to get such a clear day in August! Great photos, you really made the most of good conditions.

Unknown said...

Thanks Gavin.


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